Apart from professional proofreading and copy-editing of your scientific documents, we also provide science consulting services which include (but are not limited to):

Numerical modelling & data analyses

We master a range of programming languages (Matlab / Fortran / C++ / Python / Perl / R) and have sufficient hardware to carry out small to medium sized modelling projects. We can assist with the construction of mathematical models to help you test hypotheses or find the theoretical underpinnings of your observations. In addition, we can perform data analyses to help you extract meaningful results from complex datasets. Recent projects include:
  • Lagrangian modelling of phytoplankton cells in turbulent environments
  • modelling the infectivity of parasites in dinoflagellates
  • modelling the DMS cycle to corroborate ship-based observations in the Western Mediterranean Sea
  • marine turbulence modelling to complement in situ observations
  • identification of rapidly-evolving genes involved in fungal pathogenicity, host specialization and potentially speciation
  • the role of transposable elements and repeats on mitochondrial genome rearrangements
  • development of Phylo-MCOA: a method based on multiple co-inertia analysis for the identification of outlier genes and species in phylogenomic studies
  • Many more …

Proposal writing

Our scientists have extensive experience with the writing and evaluation of research grant proposals, both at a national and international level. We can assist you in the application process for research funding from a range of different funding agencies (e.g., EU – Marie Curie, NERC, DFG, NSF, etc.).
We can ensure that your proposal is written in very good English and our experience can help you avoid obvious mistakes and increase your chances to get your project funded.

Publication quality figures

We are skilled with a range of software packages and can assist you in the preparation of eye-catching publication quality figures in order to give your manuscript that little extra punch.
We work with Matlab, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Excel, and SigmaPlot and can provide you with high resolution figures in all common graphics formats (jpeg, tiff, eps, png, etc.).

Science communication & outreach

science communication
Every scientific project requires a modern approach to science communication in order to increase visibility within the community and raise awareness in the general public through outreach activities. We can provide assistance with communication & outreach activities by setting up and maintaining a project web page, creating and maintaining social media pages, maintaining blogs, writing reports and press releases, etc.

Project management

We can take over the entire management of your research project, releaving you of the tedious administrative tasks such as report writing, coordinating the collaboration between different work packages, reminding project participants of important deadlines, organising meetings and workshops, maintaining the project website, etc.


Since the services we provide are rather diverse, and project duration may vary from a few days to several months, it is best if you simply write to us with a short outline of the services you require. This will allow us to produce a quote that is tailored to your specific needs.