Use this calculator to estimate the cost for editing your manuscript. You can find the price list and a description of all available editing options on our editing service page.

Standard Editing
Premium Editing
Word Count
*There is a minimum charge of €25 per order.
 Optional Extras 
Rush service (72h)
Abstract writing
Edit cover letter*
Format to Author Guidelines*
*items included in Premium editing package
Artwork Preparation
Basic reference checking
Comprehensive reference checking
# references


Do you find our prices too high?

Depending on the level of corrections needed, an experienced editor can cover about 1000-1500 words per hour. So if you have seen prices elsewhere that sound almost too good to be true, they most likely are. Ask yourself how much such an editor would earn by the time the company has paid its overhead and taxes. Then, consider whether you, or any of your colleagues (or even PhD students), would be willing to work for say €8 per hour. Most probably not.

While we may not be the cheapest of services, our prices are still considerably below the industry's top earners, who charge up to €0.20 per word. Also bear in mind, that unlike some of our competition, we do not employ undergrad students from low wage countries to edit your manuscript. All our editors are experienced academics with PhD degrees from highly regarded universities, who will take the time needed to correct not just simple spelling and grammatical errors, but more importantly: improve logical flow, awkward phrasing, word choice, and academic tone. These types of corrections are much more time consuming and require an editor who understands the science and has the necessary experience and abilities to detect inconsistencies and suggest improvements at this level - and such an expertise does have its price.