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A research paper that has an insufficient level of English can be rejected by a scientific journal, even if the science is of high quality. At XpertScientific, we strive to provide you with a professional English language editing and correction service that allows non-native English speakers to overcome these language barriers and submit scientific articles with a high level of excellence in English to match the stringent requirements of academic publishing. We edit and proofread not only scientific articles, but also grant proposals, dissertations, theses, presentations, conference abstracts, CVs, etc.
At XpertScientific, our expert editors have extensive experience in editing scientific manuscripts and have helped many researchers with the publication of their work in high-impact journals. We match your paper with a specialist subject editor who will ensure that the edited manuscript is not only free of orthographic and grammatical errors but that the text is clear, unambiguous, and has the correct academic tone. All of our language editors are native English speakers with PhD and/or MD degrees from highly regarded universities and long-term experience in writing, editing, and reviewing scientific and technical documents. We cover a wide range of disciplines from the natural, life, (bio)medical, social, engineering, and environmental sciences.

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What is it for?

The Standard Editing package is intended for manuscripts that already have a fairly good level of English but still contain some errors that need to be corrected. Typically, these manuscripts require a limited number of corrections and do not need any major rewrites or text re-organization. For instance, an average Standard Edit of a 5,000-word manuscript typically involves between 500 and 800 edits, including corrections, insertions, deletions, and comments. By choosing our Standard Editing package, you can be confident that your manuscript will be error-free and read in a natural English tone, making it easier for your readers to understand and engage with your research. Whether you are submitting your manuscript to a journal, presenting it at a conference, or using it to support your grant application, our editing services will help you to achieve your goals.

Example of a Standard Edit.
Example of a Standard Edit.

What are the alternatives?

If your manuscript needs more extensive editing, including a greater number of corrections or more substantial rewrites (e.g, rewording awkward and overly convoluted phrases), we recommend our Premium Editing package instead. If you are looking for a more comprehensive service that goes beyond mere editing and also provides support during the peer review process, you may find that our Carefree Package is just right for you. See this page for a full feature comparison of all our editing services.

Service Summary

  • Eliminating errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation
  • Checking for accuracy in language, structure, and rhetoric expressions as well as consistency in tense
  • Improve word choice, style, academic tone, sentence structure, com­pre­hen­sion, and terminology
  • Highlighting of obvious issues
  • Direct line to your editor

You will receive

  • A text that is free of language errors and that reads in a native English tone
  • Free Proofreading Certificate
  • Post-editing support
  • Acceptance Guarantee (see below)






*numbers in parenthesis with priority service (25% surcharge)

Acceptance Guarantee

Acceptance Guarantee

If a journal rejects your paper merely because of its English proficiency, although you accepted all our edits and made no further changes prior to submission to the journal, we will re-check your manuscript for free and formulate a rebuttal letter to the journal (see our FAQ section).

Discounts for large documents

Discounts for large documents

Bespoke discounts may be granted for larger documents such as books or theses upon request. Simply send us an email with your word count and subject area and we will let you know.

Our Quality Guarantee

Our Quality Guarantee

Unlike some of our com­pe­ti­tion, we neither employ automated AI systems nor undergraduate students from low income countries to proofread your manuscript. All our editors are experienced academics with PhD and/or MD degrees from highly regarded universities who will take the time needed to correct not just simple spelling and grammatical errors, but, more importantly, improve logical flow, awkward phrasing, word choice, and academic tone. These types of corrections are more time consuming and require an editor who not only understands the science but who possesses the necessary experience and abilities to be able to suggest improvements at this level. The many positive client testimonials show that our approach is the right one.

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