XpertScientific is a platform created by scientists for scientists. Our team of experienced experts consists of academics from a variety of science disciplines, including natural, life, (bio)medical, social, engineering, and environmental sciences. We provide two kinds of services:


  • Professional editing and proofreading of your research paper, thesis, grant proposal, CV, etc.
  • Eliminating errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation while improving word choice, style, and academic tone
  • We help you formulate the cover letter to the editor
  • We reduce the word count or format your article to conform to the journal's author instructions
  • Free Editing Certificate


  • Writing: we help you formulate the replies to reviewers or condense internal reports into a publishable manuscript
  • Statistics: we analyse your data, provide advice on study design, or simply check the robustness of your statistics
  • Modelling: we create and run numerical models to help you test hypotheses or find the theoretical underpinnings of your data
  • Website: we create, maintain, and host your project page

Some of our clients


Editing & proofreading - for authors

Many authors with English as a second language (ESL) are confronted with the problem that although their work is scientifically sound, their manuscripts fail to pass the initial peer-review process due to difficulties in expressing their ideas in a foreign language. For native speakers, the reason for using an editing service may be a lack of time or experience (e.g., first time authors) proofreading to produce a manuscript that conforms to the strict requirements of scientific publishers.
Professional proofreading and editing services can help you by eliminating language errors, enhancing comprehension, clarity and style, adding scientific rigour to your writing, and improving the overall readability of your manuscript. This will not only increase your chances of getting past the review process, but also heighten the impact of your published article, resulting in more citations to your work. Our proofreading and editing services are not limited to scholarly articles but we also edit your conference abstracts, proceedings, science reports, theses (requires authorization by your university), PowerPoint presentations, and grant proposals.

Editing & proofreading - for publishers

problem solving

Our team of scientific experts consists of published academics with extensive publishing and editing experience. We provide English language copy-editing services at the highest level while maintaining competitive prices. This not only improves the quality of your publication but also the standing and scientific reputation within the community. In addition, we adapt manuscripts to your in-house style. Please contact us for a specific quote tailored to your requirements.

Science Consulting Service

brain gears Do you need help with statistical analyses? Are you looking for ways to simulate your data or model a particular process? Do you want to solve a set of differential equations? Do you need some eye-catching publication quality figures or videos or help with your project management and outreach?

At XpertScientific, we provide a wide range of Science Consulting services such as:

Statistical Analyses & Numerical Modelling

We can perform statistical analyses to help you extract meaningful results from complex datasets (e.g., univariate and multivariate analyses to create predictive models for patient outcomes) and construct mathematical models to help you test hypotheses or find the theoretical underpinnings of your observations. Furthermore, we master a range of programming languages (Matlab, Fortran, C++, Python, Perl, R, Statistica, SPSS) and have sufficient hardware to carry out small to medium-sized modelling projects.

data analyses
For more examples please visit our modelling projects page.

Science Communication & Outreach

science communication

Every scientific project requires a modern approach to science communication, in order to increase visibility within the community and raise awareness in the general public through outreach activities. We can provide assistance with communication & outreach activities by setting up and maintaining a project web page, creating and maintaining social media pages, maintaining blogs, writing reports and press releases, etc.

Project Management


We can take over the entire management of your research project, relieving you of the tedious administrative tasks such as report writing, coordinating the collaboration between different work packages, reminding project participants of important deadlines, organising meetings and workshops, maintaining the project website, etc.