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Dr Oliver Ross (Principal Scientist - XpertScientific創設者)

  • MSc in physics
  • PhD in physical oceanography/ biological-physical interactions (NOCS/Univ. Southampton)
  • subject areas: aquatic sciences, earth sciences, oceanography, marine biology, marine optics, atmospheric science, biogeochemistry, climatology, geophysics, global change, limnology, meteorology
  • Regular reviewer for several journals including:
    • Aquatic Biology
    • Continental Shelf Research
    • Deep-Sea Research
    • Environmental Fluid Mechanics
    • Global Change Biology
    • Harmful Algae
    • Hydrobiologia
    • ICES J Marine Science
    • J Geophysical Research
    • J Marine Systems
    • J Plankton Research
    • Limnology & Oceanography
    • L&O: Fluids and Environments
    • Marine Ecology Progress Series
    • Progress in Oceanography
  • Reviewer for UK NERC and US NSF research grant proposals
  • Has obtained two Marie Curie fellowships and several research grants
  • Member of the GEOHAB core research project "HABs in stratified systems"
  • Recent projects include:
    • Analyses of oceanographic data (ship based, gliders, floats, AUVs, moorings, remote sensing, time series, spatial analyses, etc.)
    • Lagrangian modelling of phytoplankton
    • 1D vertical turbulence modelling of lakes, estuaries and shelf seas
    • modelling of parasite infectivity on dinoflagellates
    • modelling the DMS cycle
    • 3D modelling of shelf seas and coastal embayments
    • HAB modelling
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Dr Gabriela Aguileta (副編集長 – 生命科学)

  • MSc in biology
  • PhD in genomics/bioinformatics (UCL)
  • Author of several popular science books
  • subject areas: life sciences, genomics, bioinformatics, biology, evolutionary biology, agricultural science, plant science
  • Regular reviewer for several journals including:
    • Bioinformatics
    • BMC Evolutionary Biology
    • Evolution
    • Genetica
    • Genome Biology and Evolution
    • Journal of Evolutionary Biology
    • Journal of Molecular Evolution
    • Methods in Ecology and Evolution
    • Molecular Biology and Evolution
    • Molecular Ecology
    • PLoS One
    • PLoS Genetics
  • Has obtained one Marie Curie fellowship and several research grants
  • Recent projects include:
    • Phylogenetic and Phylogenomic analysis: phylogeny reconstruction, including large scale and genomic datasets. Prediction of optimal phylogenetic markers and barcoding. Molecular dating and ancestral state reconstruction.
    • Development of Phylo-MCOA: a method based on multiple co-inertia analysis for the identification of outlier genes and species in phylogenomic studies.
    • Functional genomics: gene family expansion and functional specialisation analysis; ortholog and paralog prediction.
    • Structural genomics: analysis of the evolution of the genomic content (e.g., transposable elements, repeats, genes) and organisation (e.g., study of gene and genomic region rearrangements).
    • Ecological genomics: identification of rapidly-evolving genes involved in fungal pathogenicity, host specialisation and speciation processes; hybridisation analysis; sexual chromosome evolution in fungi.
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Dr Ildem Akerman

  • MSc in biochemistry
  • PhD in molecular biology (Univ. Oxford)
  • Member of the Beta Cell Biology consortium
  • subject areas: biochemistry, molecular biology, genetics, computational biology, microarray analysis

Dr Justin Cates

  • BSc in biology
  • MD plus PhD in cell-, developmental-, and molecular biology (Tufts U)
  • Professor of Pathology at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Tennesse, USA
  • Experienced editor and member of several editorial boards with >20y clinical and research experience in anatomic pathology and clinical oncology
  • subject areas: biostatistics, clinical studies, evidence-based medicine, medical sciences, oncology, outcome studies, pathology

Dr Justin Cates

  • BSc in biology
  • MD plus PhD in biomedicine (Tufts U)
  • Prof. and Director of Pathology at Vanderbilt University, Tennesse, USA
  • Experienced editor and member of several editorial boards with >20y clinical and research experience in anatomic pathology and clinical oncology
  • subject areas: clinical studies, evidence-based medicine, medical sciences, oncology, pathology, public health

Dr Maria Martínez García

  • MD plus PhD in medical oncology focused on predictive molecular markers of response in patients with advanced solid tumors treated with MEK and RAF inhibitors in phase I studies (UB)
  • Associate Professor of Oncology at UPF, Barcelona, Spain
  • Head of the Neuro Oncology section and Clinical Research Unit of the Medical Oncology service at Hospital del Mar (Barcelona, Spain), appointed President of the Spanish Neuro-oncology Research Group (GEINO)
  • subject areas: neuro-oncology, molecular therapies, phase I clinical trials, innovative drugs, translational research in gliomas and breast cancer

Dr Joseph Caruso

  • BSc in genetics
  • MD plus PhD in experimental medicine focused on cancer biology (crosstalk between estrogen receptor and dioxin receptor signaling pathways) (McGill U)
  • Former Research Assistant Professor at Wayne State University (MI, USA) and Associate Director of the KCI Proteomics Facility Core
  • Experienced editor and author of peer-reviewed research articles
  • subject areas: apoptosis / autophagy / cell death, bioinformatics, cancer biology, cell signalling, environmental health, protein expression, processing & modification, proteomics / mass spectrometry, toxicology

Dr Diane Gal

  • MSc in public health (London SHTM)
  • PhD in cardiovascular health (KU Leuven)
  • Former project manager at FIP and WHO and lecturer at U Portsmouth
  • subject areas: Biomarkers, Cardiovascular Disease, Non-communicable diseases, Environment and Health, Epidemiology, Evidence-Based Medicine, Infectious Disease, Pharmacy Practice, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Physical Activity and Health, Public Health, Bibliometrics, Scientometrics
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Dr Stephanie Gardham

  • BSc hons in biology (U Nottingham)
  • MSc in aquatic resource management (King's College London)
  • PhD in environmental science (ecotoxicology) (Macquarie University, Australia)
  • Member of the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry
  • Intermediate Member of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders
  • subject areas: ecotoxicology, risk assessment, pollution and remediation, aquatic ecology, water quality, environmental microbiology and environmental management, climate modelling, conservation biology, marine ecology, plant ecology, plant pathology, and general ecology and biology
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Dr Tod van Gunten

  • MA in humanities & social thought (NYU)
  • PhD in sociology (U Wisconsin-Madison)
  • subject areas: economic and political sociology, sociological theory, social networks, sociology of knowledge, globalization, Latin America and Southern Europe, human/ urban geography

Dr Jaime Huerta Cepas

  • MSc in biology
  • PhD in genomics (UCM)
  • subject areas: phylogenomics, orthology, gene duplication, metagenomics, databases, numerical tool development for bioinformatics

Dr Malcolm Keeping

  • BSc hons in zoology/entomology
  • PhD in entomology (U. Witwatersrand)
  • National Research Foundation (South Africa) rated researcher, grant holder and peer reviewer
  • Registered natural scientist - South African Council for Natural Scientific Professions
  • subject areas: agriculture, integrated pest management, plant science, plant pathology, host plant resistance, silicon in plants and soils, insect behaviour and chemical ecology, behavioural ecology, entomology, soil science

Dr Silvija Kipson

  • MSc in biology/ecology
  • MSc in environmental science and policy
  • PhD in marine biology (Univ. Zagreb)
  • Appointed national coral expert in Croatia
  • subject areas: aquatic ecosystems, biodiversity, marine biology, marine ecology, climate change, conservation

Dr Joel Montane

  • MSc in biochemistry and molecular biology
  • PhD in gene therapy and diabetes (UAB)
  • Several years of experience as science editor associated with the Centre of Excellence for Medicine
  • subject areas: diabetes, immunology, transplantation, infection diseases, biochemistry, gene therapy, molecular biology, genetics, clinical studies

Dr Charlotte Pierrat

  • MSc in geography
  • PhD in geography (Sorbonne)
  • subject areas: biogeography, epidemiology, environmental management, environmental policy, physical/urban/human geography, remote sensing, GIS

Dr Steve Sims

  • BSc in entomology
  • PhD in entomology (UC Davis)
  • Affil. Prof. Auburn University, Alabama
  • Experienced editor with >30 years research experience as entomologist/toxicologist with focus on agronomy, pest control, and resistance management
  • subject areas: entomology, toxicology, botany, taxonomy, geology, conservation, habitat remediation

Dr Colin Smith

  • BSc hons in geology
  • PhD in geosciences/petrology (Imperial College)
  • subject areas: geology, sedimentology, petrology, paleontology, physical geography, geodesy

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