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While we always accept expressions of interest by qualified editors, this page highlights the subject area(s) for which we are actively seeking new editors.

There are currently no open positions but you can always send us a spontaneous application.

Freelance Editor (part-time, home-based)

For subject areas:

  1. Medical Sciences/Clinical Studies (click to apply)

The role:

To edit the English and grammar of academic documents (journal articles, theses, proposals, etc.) in the subject areas specified above.

The person:

We are looking for a part-time editor who has the capacity and flexibility to edit up to one or two manuscripts per week. The ideal candidate would have:

  • science background in a relevant field (MD and/or PhD)
  • native level of English
  • proficiency in scientific writing
  • keen eye for detail
  • ability to work toward deadlines
  • knowledge of academic journal publishing (especially the peer review process)
  • previous experience in writing and editing/reviewing scientific papers
  • good working knowledge of (and access to) MS Word
  • expertise in statistics would be a key asset (knowledge of Statistica and/or R) but not required

Your knowledge/experience may have been gained either through postgraduate research or through working in the academic publishing industry. You should be comfortable to work on your own and possess your own office space/computer. As we are open 24/7, you may be getting editing requests any day of the week and should be able to respond in a timely manner.


Please simply click on the subject area above for which you wish to apply and fill out our applications form.

You may also send us a sample of your own writing. Candidates may be expected to edit one manuscript as an unpaid test, depending on experience. There is no formal closing date for applications; we intend to fill the position(s) as soon as possible.